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communication Definition: successful transmission of information through a common system of symbols, signs, behavior, speech, writing, or signals.
We help you to communicate effectively and efficiently with your audience.
Effective communication at any level requires it to be:

  • Clear, concise and easily understood.
  • Presented objectively.
  • In a manageable and systematic form.
  • As timely as possible

Creating content for your website will involve thinking about:

  • Identifying clearly what you want to say.
  • Arranging the message in a clear logical order.
  • Expressing it clearly and simply.
  • Using appropriate language for the recipient.
  • Expressing yourself concisely.
We help you in this process, using our knowledge of information presentation, we will create a logically structured website, presenting your information clearly with effective navigation between pages. Writing your website content can be a daunting task for many people. Think of this, you know your business and its customers better than anyone else, who better to write about it. Maybe you have existing material that can be adapted, We will help you by suggesting structure. If you decide you do need a copywriter then we can assist you.
Composing content.
Who is your audience?
If you write in sentences of 27+ words - 97% of the population will have to re-read it.
for 12 - 20 words, 25% will have to re-read it
and for 8 - 12 words, this drops to 5% 
Check your writing 
Is it clear
  • Can the recipient easily understand it? writing
  • Is it free from slang?
  • Simple and successful?
  • Sentence structure painting the correct picture?
  • Is it repetitive?
Simple and brief
  • Does it only give essential facts?
  • Does it only include essential words and phrases?
  • Information correct?
  • Conform to rules and procedures?
  • Free from errors?
  • All necessary information?
  • Does it answer all questions?
  • Free from nasty words or phrases?
  • Style appropriate?
  • Tone correct for response?
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