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Juicy Design
Juicy Design
  • Project tailored to your budget.
  • Incremental development possible.
  • From a simple splash page to full database driven solution.
  • Experienced Content Management Systems CMS developers.
  • Experienced e-commerce solution developers.
  • Registered PayPal Developer.
  • Complete package, design, domain name registered, hosting, email set-up and website upload.

What do we charge?
We charge by the page, except for custom projects where we quote a figure for the project. 
At Xact IT Website Design we follow a 'per page' pricing system for html and css website projects rather than charging by the hour. The biggest problem with the hourly pricing structure is the fact that there is no way for you to determine how long it really takes to build your Web site. Whereas with pricing per page you know exactly how much the total cost will be before you start the project. No surprise add-on charges.
paypal developer central
PayPal ecommerce systems developer

The Xact IT Website Design will charge you by the hour for additional work beyond the scope of the agreed project.
Price Guidelines 
The pricing chart below covers the costs of developing a web site from start to finish.
Although web design projects may differ depending on your specific needs, you can use the pricing chart below to get a rough idea of what it would cost to develop your web project. 
 Number of Pages
 Cost Per Page
 Home Page (1st page)
 pages 2 - 10
 pages 11 - 20
 pages 20+
Custom Projects 
For Contents Management Systems (CMS), e-commerce solutions, on-line booking /reservation Systems, galleries/catalogue, forums, script creation/installation and custom php modification a per project fee is charged. This fee will depend on the complexity of the project.
CMS and e-commerce systems vary from project to project, the pricing chart below gives an indication of cost.
shopping cart
 Project Type
 Project Cost 
 CMSStarting at £750 
 e-commerceStarting at £750 
Please contact us for more information on building an online store or installing/creating a custom script.
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