Website Development & Design Process
web design coloursInitial Contact

Introduce our company services and discuss your overall requirements.
Project Scope Meeting

In this meeting we will discuss the exact requirements of your project.
Initial Proposal

From the results of the Project Scope Meeting, we will create a proposal that meets your requirements.
Final Proposal

Once you have looked over the Initial Proposal you may need to make final amends or modifications. Following this a final proposal will be sent to you. Once this is accepted 50% of the total cost of the project is payable to J E Development Ltd.
design process

Initial Static Design Presentation

The first stage of the design of the site will be visual. We will will present the look and feel of the site to you on your premises using a laptop to ensure ‘real world’ application of the design.

Static Design Modification Presentation

From the feedback of the Initial Static Design Presentation, visual amends will be completed. This will be a remote presentation which can be accessed using our Secure Client Area. When the look and feel is agreed we will send you a visual sign off sheet.

Active Design Presentation

The next presentation will show the site animated. In this you can see the site’s interactivity as well as the first cut of the animation. This will also be a remote presentation, which can be accessed using our Secure Client Area.

Copy Insert

We will insert the copy that is provided by you and provide you with a full editorial sevice if required. If needed a full copywriting service is available.

Final Small Amends

The last final tweaks and text amends will be completed at this stage, ready for upload. The final payment of 50% is payable on completion of this stage.


Once all the final amends are completed we can upload to the server and site becomes live. We will generally leave the site for two days then fix any bugs.

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