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Great Value Web Hosting. 99.5% uptime. Free Setup. Online Control Panel

Hosting package details 
 α alpha+
 β beta+
 γ gamma+

A great all round package.

Fully featured hosting package for personal or small business websites and email

High specification hosting.

Meeting the higher storage and bandwidth demands of the business user 

Take this where you want to go.
Ideal for businesses or organisations that require a high specification 

Email Package.

Webmail and POP mail. 

Storage Space 1GB

Email Accounts Unlimited

Bandwidth 1GB

Storage Space 1.5GB

Email Accounts Unlimited

Bandwidth 1.5GB

Storage Space 2GB

Email Accounts Unlimited

Bandwidth 2GB

Storage Space 500Mb

Email Accounts 5

Bandwidth 500Mb

£9.99 per month
£11.99 per month
£13.99 per month
£5.99 per month


All Packages can be customised to suit your particular requirements