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PC & Laptop Repair
Need Advice?
Sometimes its time for a new PC or Laptop, we can help you choose the right PC or Laptop for you. We will source the best deal for you . Contact us for more information.
PC Repair and upgrading
pc repair
We have experience in working with Hewlet Packard, HP, Compaq, Dell, IBM, Packard Bell, E-machines, Tiny and many more branded and unbranded PC's

We offer a complete repair service to customers in Glasgow and the surrounding areas.
Software configuration and upgrades.
  • Operating systems
  • Programs
Hardware configuration and upgrades.
  • Memory upgrades, guaranteed compatable with your system
  • Hard drive upgrades
System repairs.
  • Locked out as Administrator or forgot your password? We can get you back in.
  • Data Back up
  • Data recovery
Virus and spyware removal.
  • Something strange in the computer.
  • Annoying popups
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If you would like to pay using PayPal we will send you a link
  • wired
  • wireless
Fault diagnosis and repair.
Fed up with talking to support personel on the other side of the world reading from a script? We provide a local solution for you, no expensive premium rate telephone calls, just good service, when you need it, at a time that suits you.
Contact us by telephone, email or Skype
Laptop Repair and upgrading
Laptops are complex and difficult to repair, it is recommended to get expert help. We can fulfill most upgrades and repairs locally. If the task is beyond our scope we will send it to our specialists, one of the UKs foremost Laptop engineering facilities, with over 2000 spares and over 15 years experience in component level repairs.
laptop repair
We have experience in working with Dell, HP, Hewlet Packard, Acer, Sony, Toshiba, Fujitsu Seimens, compaq, IBM, Lenovo and many more brands of laptops
Need more memory? No problem we can source the correct compatible memory for your laptop and fit it for you.
Need a new hard drive? No problem we can supply you with a new hard drive and fit it for you. We can also restore your software for you.
Want to be able to access a wireless network? No problem we can fit a wireless device and configure it for you.
Broken or cracked Screen? No problem we can arrange for your screen to be replaced by experts.
Dark screen, backlight problems? The most common failure of an LCD display is the backlight system. Most manufacturers and service organizations recommend replacing the entire LCD when just the backlight needs to be replaced. We can replace just the backlight for you, saving you unnecessary expense.
Component repairs? No problem, expert technicians will analyse the problem and repair or replace damaged components. 
Locked out as Administrator or forgot your password? No problem we can reset your admin password for you.
Locked out of the hardrive? No problem we can reset the ATA Password and get you back in.