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Bolshie Clothing



Bolshie, a new women's clothing shop in the west end of Glasgow.

"What I've seen is totally AMAZING. love it " Carolyn, Bolshie .

Further comment from Bolshie,
"To smart cool Jim, thought you should see this, had a few like it.
'Carolyn , your website is first class.... Really smart, cool and professional... '"
The purpose of Bolshie is to create a physical shopping space for good looking, long lasting, well designed and high quality; organic, fairtrade, recycled and made to measure women's clothes.
The Bolshie Website was created for the launch of this new business, using PHP, XHTML, and CSS. The site is accessibility checked, including the customised Tell a friend and contact forms, to help make the site more accessible for users with disabilities and to benefit all users.
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