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Scotmarts Auction Management is the latest way to sell on eBay.

"Thought the site looked excellent. Colour scheme blends well together and I love the live eBay auction page, pretty cool. "Scott, Scotmarts.

 Joomla Content Management system with integrated live eBay auction status

Scotmarts sells a Porsche on ebay!

One of Scotmarts very first clients approached then, wanting to sell his pride and joy. It turned out to be a lovely porsche 944. Scotmarts obliged and went to work. They took 8 photo's of their clients car and created the advert. The advert was uploaded to eBay on the Thursday evening. The next day Scot of Scotmarts was inundated with calls and emails from prospective buyers. Come Saturday morning he had arranged for two viewings on the car of which the first had agreed to buy it. The car had only been advertised for 2 days and was sold. Yes you read it right, Just 2 days!!
Scotmarts required a dynamic website with the facility to add and change content plus present live data from eBay.
The Joomla content management system (cms)was customised and expanded upon to meet those requirements. The initial website layout was designed with content added and structured to ensure a user friendly environment. Advanced search features and a sitemap were added to reinforce this. As new articles and pages are added the Joomla  CMS dynamically changes the information presented. Scotmarts have full control of this process. After the website was completed,  Scotmart's staff were fully trained in how to add and update content. Between the content they add and the live data feed from ebay, showing the current auction status of all their items for sale Scotmarts have a CMS system that responds to the needs of the business.
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