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Fed up with spam?
Do you want to help prevent spam?
Project Honey Pot is a distributed network of decoy web pages website owners can include on their sites in order to gather information about robots, crawlers, and spiders. They collate data on harvesters, spammers, dictionary attackers, and comment spammers, then make that data available to members so they can protect their websites and inboxes.

Xact I.T. are now members of Project Honey Pot
The Project Honey Pot system allows the installation of email addresses that are custom-tagged to the time and IP address of a visitor to your site. If one of these addresses begins receiving email they can tell that the messages are spam and also the exact moment when the address was harvested with the IP address that gathered it.
UK Broadband internet use on the rise
The number of dial-up internet connections is rapidly decreasing in the UK as more discover the benefits of broadband.
Figures released by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) show that just 20 per cent of consumers, with SMEs included, now use dial-up connections.
Some 79.2 per cent of internet connections in the UK now use broadband, according to the ONS.

Jim Ewing, from xactit, described how broadband was becoming an invaluable tool for many in the UK, who are "finding they can't live without it anymore".
He added "The cost of broadband has dropped dramatically in the last few years and, with its benefits over dial-up access, the latest figures don't come as a surprise."

The average broadband speed is 2Mbps, with just two per cent of connections being faster than 8Mbps, according to the ONS.

XactIT Toolbar
Xact IT launch a free radio toolbar. 
  • No Spyware
  • Includes a cookie cleaner, a history cleaner, and a cache cleaner
  • Search from anywhere on the web
  • Support, instant access to useful links
  • Get notified when you receive new e-mails to your POP3, Yahoo!, Gmail, or Hotmail accounts
  • Listen to online radio from the toolbar
  • Get fresh content automatically via the RSS Reader
  • Quick weather info for whatever location you set
  • For Firefox or Internet Explorer.
Domain Name Registration

We have now added online Domain Name Registration and Website Hosting to the Xact IT website.


A New Website
Xact IT ( www.xactit.com ) have been hosting and developing websites for clients for a number of years now. In order to reflect developments in our business our own website needed updating. The previous version site was standards compliant, however the content was static and didn't really reflect the full range of services that we offered clients. The other issue we faced was the growing administrative burden of processing data, a typical issue that many developing businesses face.

We needed a system that would allow us to add and change content plus integrate with our back end processes, the solution was to use a Content Management System (CMS).

Which CMS to use?

CMS and E-commerce
Last time I wrote about the decision to use Joomla, now the site has been developed further with the addition of E-Commerce. 
My preference is for Open Source Software, so I looked at my options, OSCcommerce, Zencart and a Joomla specific cart, Virtue-Mart.
  • OSCommerce.  The original Open Source ecommerce solution.
  • Zencart.  A highly successful fork from the OSCommerce project.
  • Virtue-Mart. Shopping cart specifically for Joomla.